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UK Oracle User Group Conference 2011 in the press and opinions via blogs:

Atomic Weapons Establishment improves business intelligence with Oracle - Customises software to enable drilling down to transaction level. The Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE), the UK's nuclear missile manufacturer, has improved its project reporting capabilities by implementing Oracle's business intelligence (BI) software.

Announcing WebLogic Server 12c at UKOUG2011 - Oracle was pleased unveil the next generation of the industry’s #1 application server and cornerstone of Oracle’s Cloud Application Foundation—Oracle WebLogic Server 12c.

Network Rail improves stock visibility with Oracle supply chain software - But search function in Oracle iStore is problematic. Network Rail has improved the visibility of its railway materials stock after implementing supply chain management software from Oracle.

User group to Oracle: Spell out how you use your own technology - We want detailed case studies says UK Oracle User Group. Customers want to hear more about how Oracle uses its own technology, according to Debra Lilley, president of the UK Oracle User Group (UKOUG).

Oracle says its own technology makes acquisitions 'easy' - Resistance is futile, says Oracle's CIO. Oracle's CIO and senior VP Mark Sunday has revealed how the company's strategy to simplify its processes has enabled it to acquire and assimilate businesses.

Oracle to confirm commitment to non-Fusion applications - Company will continue investing in applications indefinitely. Oracle will reconfirm its commitment to upgrading its non-Fusion applications at the UK Oracle User Group conference on Tuesday.


UKOUG 2011 - Cary Millsap's Keynote, Doug's Oracle Blog, 4th January 2012 - Without question the best presentation of the conference for many attendees was Cary Millsap's Monday night Keynote. I know this for certain because they told me so at length, grabbing every opportunity to talk about it for the rest of the week... Read more.

Vennster @UKOUG2011, 18th December 2011 - The UK Oracle User Group (UKOUG) Conference 2011 in Birmingham is a wrap! Well, at least it was when I started writing this blog :-) Now it has been over a week since... Read more.

Ahmed Aboulnaga @ UKOUG2011, The IPN Web blog, 16th December 2011 - This was my first time going to UKOUG and I have to admit that it was one of the best users group I've attended in a very long time... Read more.

UKOUG 2011 – My Presentations, Doug Burns, 14th December 2011 - Writing long blog posts about your own presentations is pretty narcisstic but it also allows me to rectify certain mistakes afterwards so, to make an existing private joke with friends public yet again.. Read more.

Notes from the 2011 UK Oracle User Group Conference, Maxima, Stuart Wallace, 13th December 2011 - It was a privilege last week to not only attend my second UK Oracle User Group down in Birmingham but also to have actually had a presentation selected to deliver at it as well... Read more.

UKOUG 2011 – OAK Talks and Unconference, ORACLE-BASE Blog Aggregator,  13th December 2011 - There were a couple of new and related features at this years conference – the Unconference and OAK Talks. The idea of an Unconference will be familiar to those who have attended Openworld – an unscheduled part of the conference that anyone can sign up for to present during a one hour slot. First come, first served... Read more.

Delegates see Exel benefits 1st hand at the Oracle User Group Conference, 12th December 2011 - Exel Computer Systems, the leading UK author of integrated business solutions, further cemented its association with Oracle by a successful attendance and participation at the UK Oracle User Group Conference... Read more.

UKOUG 2011: Drag, Drop and other Stuff. Using your Database as a File Server,, 12th December 2011 - Last Thuesday, Mark Drake, Senior Product Manager and I, delivered a good presentation during UKOUG in Birmingham about how to use your database, via XMLDB functionality, as a file server. The presentation demonstrated as well how you could extent the “standaard” file server (aka your database) functionality with features like... Read more

UKOUG 2011 Summary, Doug's Oracle Blog, December 12th 2011 - This year's UKOUG 2011 conference in Birmingham was so packed and multi-dimensional for me that I decided it's going to take a few very different posts to describe my experiences without sending any unfortunate readers into a deep stupor... Read more.

Looking back at UKOUG 2011, Notes on Oracle, Alex Nuijten, 11th December 2011 - Now that the UKOUG annual conference in Birmingham is over, it's time to write my thoughts down. As this was the second time that I attended the UKOUG conference, I already knew that it is a big conference. Lots of great speakers and a very good agenda... Read more.

UKOUG Conference 2011 and AIOUG Sangam’11 Conference, Bangalore, Rittman Mead - Delivered Intelligence, Mark Rittman, 11th December 2011 - ...I was also representing the ACE Director program at the UKOUG Conference and Exhibition 2011 in Birmingham, which also had a number of my Rittman Mead colleagues presenting on topics such as Oracle Golden Gate, Oracle BIEE 11g, Oracle BI Mobile as well as BI project management techniques... Read more.

UKOUG 2011 – day 3, Oracle DBA – A lifelong learning experience, John Hallas 9th December 2011 - The final day of the 2011 UKOUG conference and it was straight in at the deep end with Joel Goodman talking about automatic parallelism in 11GR2. The talk was full of information, as Joel’s talks normally are... Read more.  

UKOUG 2011 Presentations, Let's talk about Application Express, Anthony Rayner, 8th December 2011 - I just wanted to do another quick, post-conference follow up post after UKOUG TECHEBS 2011 in Birmingham. At this conference I presented on 2 topics relating to Application Express and as promised, here are the slides and samples I showed during the sessions... Read more

UKOUG Annual Conference 2011, jarneil, Jason Arneil, 7th December 2011 - Having been involved with the UKOUG for more than 10 years now, one of the things that is so nice about returning to the annual UKOUG conference is the sheer number of familiar faces... Read more

UKOUG 2011, Neil Chandler's DBA Blog, 7th December 2011 - Well, I’m back at work today missing the excellent final day of the UKOUG 2011 (@UKOUG #UKOUG2011), but frankly I’m worn out... Read more.

UKOUG 2011 Part Deux, Oracle DBA – A lifelong learning experience, John Hallas, December 7th 2011 - Day 2 of the UKOUG conference at the ICC in Birmingham and back into the fray. First up was Thomas Presslie talking about Dataguard fast start failover. How he managed to demonstrate transactions and network connectivity using whisky and toilet paper could not be done full justice in a blog – it had to be seen to be believed... Read more

UKOUG 2011 – Day 1, Oracle DBA, John Halla, December 6th 2011 - The first day of UKOUG conference at the ICC in Birmingham and there were a lot of familiar faces are around. Due to a lot of traffic I missed the first presentation I wanted to see which was from Kyle Hailey on SQL tuning. I will have to download the presentation later... Read more.

UKOUG 2011: Day -1, The ORACLE-BASE Blog, 5th December 2011 - I missed the OakTable day because it was the 10th birthday party of nephew number 1, but I did make it back to Birmingham in time for the ACE dinner. Mark Rittman provided evidence of my presence here... Read more.  

Ready for UKOUG, Doug's Oracle Blog, Doug Burns, 2nd December 2011 - I'm very excited about UKOUG this year. It only occurred to me when I was looking back through some old mails to dig out some details that last year hadn't been one of my happiest UKOUG experiences... Read more.

Oracle experts Rocela speaking at UKOUG 2011, Birmingham, The Offical Rocela Blog, 24th November 2011 - Oracle experts Rocela will be speaking at this years' UKOUG Conference in Birmingham's ICC. We will be presenting on the complexities of Oracle licensing ... Read more.

UKOUG 2011: Using your Database as a Fileserver - AMIS, 21st November - UKOUG 2011 is nearby and one of the coolest things in Oracle 11g and onwards is, IMHO, a functionality called XDB Repository Events. Most of you probably ...Read More.

What Have I Let Myself in For! – UKOUG this year, Martin Widlake's Yet Another Oracle Blog, November 16th - One of my favourite Oracle happenings of the year is fast approaching, the UK Oracle User Group technical conference. I’ve blogged before why I think it is so good. I try and present at the conference each year and I go no matter if I am presenting or not... Read more.

My UKOUG Conference 2011 Schedule, Brendan Tierney - Oracle & Data Mining Blog, November 16th - The UKOUG conference will be in a couple of weeks. I have my flights and hotel booked, and I've just finished selecting my agenda of presentations. I really ... Read more.

Can the OakTable answer your Oracle question? | COMPUTERWORLDUK, 14th November - The UK Oracle User Group (UKOUG) is bringing back the famous 'OakTable Challenge' to its annual conference this year... Read more.

Prep’ing for UKOUG or what, 14th November, Michael S. Abbey - The presentation deadline for UKOUG is 8 days away. I have been madly preparing for 2 presentations, one on my best friend (rman) and the other on my co-best friend (the physical standby)... Read more.

Upcoming UKOUG Conference | wwwoaktablenet, 7th November - I always look forward to this time of year as the annual UKOUG conference in Birmingham approaches but this year I think Im looking forward to it more than ever... Read more.

Java Oracle Blog - Upcoming events : UKOUG 2011, 7th November

UK Oracle User GroupConference 2011 | Kinley, 1st November - What is widely known as the largest UK Oracle User Conference in the is being held at the International Convention Center (ICC) in Birmingham between ... Read more.

Upcoming events: UKOUG 2011, Oracle Optimizer, 1st November -  UK Oracle User Group Conference 2011, takes place in Birmingham on December 4th - 7th. This year there will be 15 different streams and over 250 sessions to ... Read more.

New UKOUG mobile app – Launched, UK Oracle User Group, 30th October - 'App'roach the UK Oracle User Group Conference 2011 in a whole new way. UKOUG is proud to announce the launch of the UKOUG2011 mobile app ... Read more.

Get social at the UK Oracle User Group Conference 2011, 14th October - Alongside a number of other new things happening at Conference this year we are pleased to bring to delegates a number of socials, from the rejuvenated focus pub to a fabulous masquerade ball. Read on to find out what is in store for this years attendees... Read more.

Personalised agenda for UKOUG2011, 3rd October - As with previous years, if have registered for UK Oracle User Group Conference we would like to ask that you fill in your own personalised agenda... Read more.

Oracle CIO to open UKOUG conference 2011, ComputerworldUKcom 13th September 2011  Mark Sunday, CIO and senior vice-president of Oracle, will deliver the opening keynote at the UK Oracle User Group's (UKOUG) conference this year. Read more.

UKOUG Oracle Conference agenda now out, Martin Wildake's Yet Another Oracle Blog, 5th September 2011 - As ever, the conference has a massive and wide-ranging agenda, with mini-streams like EXA(data/logic) and MySQL on Monday,APEX on Wednesday… Read more.

UKOUG 2011,, Submitted by Jonathan Lewis, 5th September - This year features an “Oak Table Sunday” that is free to conference attendees but has a very limited audience size, so you have to register for a place. I’ll be giving a presentation titled “Redo”.. Read more.

UKOUG2011, Oracle Scratchpad, 5th September -  Particular highlights for me this year: Connor McDonald is coming over from Australia to do a couple of presentations..Read more.

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